I recently deleted several thoughts from my Brain. Now I want them back. 
I backup all my files daily using  Windows Backup, which puts them in FileHistory on an external drive. 
I’ve tried copying a recent backup of brain.db and brain.config and accessing the Brain from TB but I can’t.

How do I use TB to access a Windows-backed-up Brain?

Oh, this can be a tricky process. It is recommended that you backup your Brain databases in a different way.  Syncing to TheBrain Cloud is quick and easy, but future syncs will obviously overwrite/update that data. For a local archive of a Brain Database, just click on File > Backup to Brain Archive.  This makes a single BRZ file that will be time stamped and contain all the data in your Brain at that point in time. BRZ files can even be password protected with your Brain account info.

There are many variables if we're trying to recover data from the Windows Backup.  Do you want to roll back ALL your Brains to a specific date and time, or just one of the Brains?  If you open your Brain app and log in, you can click on Options > Preferences > System Tab.  Look at the storage location. It might be something like C:\Users\[user name]\Brains...  If you navigate in Windows Explorer to that location, inside that folder you may see something like U00 and U01 folders, etc.  Is this what you backed up?  If so, we can schedule a web meeting to give the data roll back/recovery a try.  If not, well, we need that data in order to rebuild your Brain.

Let me know what you think. Please send a note into support@thebrain.com and we'll schedule a time to review further. Sorry I'm very hesitant as to what to post here on the forums. Modifying these directories outside of TheBrain application can lead to data loss!

Thank you,
Hi Matt,

I just want to use TB to access the Windows backup of one Brain.
How do I do that?

Hi Cerebrum,

It would be best for you to schedule a call with support to do what you want. The problem is that there are interconnected pieces of data on multiple parts of your hard drive. The metadata for your brains is in one location and the brains data in another (the U01 etc folders that Matt mentioned).

If you wanted to restore all your brains to same point that you backed up, that is fairly straightforward. Basically you just restore your user folder from the backup and then reset your meta database. The issue with doing it this way is that it will restore all of your brains to the backed up state. But if you only want to restore one of those brains it's a little more involved and you really should have someone help you.


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