If I select a bunch of thoughts by Ctl clicking on the dot below a thought and then I right click over the selection box, I see the Set Selection Tag menu which then opens a long list of tags that I have setup.  I can see the top tag which is New Tag and I can select any tag.  But if I am in a hurry and sloppy with my mouse action and overshoot the tag selection box  it  then closes, and when I mouse over Set Selection Tag menu  I now get a shorter tag list that no longer shows me the top Tag.  I have to again right click, click on the Set Selection Tag menu and be careful not to allow the Tag box to close otherwise I have to right click again to get the full selection.  Since I often work in a hurry I have to slow down or redo the Tag selection action. 


I have tried replicating this on our end but have been unsuccessful in doing so. Perhaps I do not have enough Tags in my Brain to see the same results or maybe I am misunderstanding the issue? Would you be able to post some screenshots of the issue, or perhaps we can set up a GoToMeeting so you can show us this? If you would like to set up a meeting, please feel free to email us at or call us at +310-751-5000. Thank you.

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