Dynamic inter-operation between softwares can benefit users with features from multi packages. While PB's API being on the road, it is very quick to achieve some inter-operation just from the existing "ESP sync" feature.
And how?

Every thought has a GUID when created and it is unique.
  1. A GUID can be saved outside PersonalBrain.
  2. When a user want to activate the corresponding Thought, 
  3. He/she can copy the GUID, while "ESP sync" is keeping an eye on the clipboard and
  4. when a GUID showed up, search its existence in the brain's database, and if a result Thought found, activate it!
To do this, "copy GUID" of a Thought needs to be implemented.

Easy work for thebrain coders to do,right?  What do you think?

This thread is a replica of
It absorbed no attention there. Seems few people are going there.

Thanks for your attention in advance.


Windows XP,JRE 1.6.0_13,PB

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