ruudhein but probably other versions too.

To replicate:
  • copy the thought ID
  • navigate away from the thought to better observe how thebrain will navigate to the thought
  • paste the ID in the search box
    • the right thought will be activate immediately
  • navigate way from the thought
  • click the the search box
    • you'll be taken back to the thought immediately
  • compare with searching for a unique thought name
    • the thought name will show as a search result you'll have to click

Doesn't bother me so much and maybe could be considered a feature. Another option could be to clear the ID from the search once the thought has been activated.
Using: Evernote | FilterizeDynalist | InstaPaper | Liner | PrintFriendly | TheBrain v10.0.50.0

Thanks for reporting this. I replicated it and have documented it for our engineers.
We have repaired this issue in the latest 10.0.40 build that is now available on the Beta Channel.

Thank you,

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