So, pull up a few hundred thoughts in expanded mode, then place them in the position I want them in, and collapse all the thoughts I don't want. I now have 40 anchored thoughts, in perfect spatial relation, and no extra thoughts I don't want.

Now, I want to be able to activate a particular thought, so I can make notes, or cut/paste to/from the notes for that thought.

However, whenever I activate a thought, the plex expands out all the thoughts connected to it. I am not pressing the "+" sign, just activating the thought. now, I have another 10 thoughts on my screen I don't want, that confuse me, block other thoughts, etc. This truly frustrating, and makes me yell at and want to hurt innocent computer screens. (they asked me to write this... ;-)

Is there a way to activate a thought so I can edit the notes for it, without the plex calling the connected thoughts back into my space?  Is there a setting in the preferences I have overlooked?

If there is not, consider this a serious feature request. "Alt-Ctrl-Shift Click" or such. It would make an enormous difference for me.


Mark Michael Lewis | The Profitability Coach |
I think this is not possible yet. You can add your vote at:

But as you should already know, with "Update tools when mouse over Thoughts" enabled in Preferences, you can mouse over a thought, then press F5 to activate Notes window.

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