I use Personal Brain in my advertising agency, to manage temporary resources for projects (emails, concept ideas, schedules) and shared resources (background materials, working art) that I want to keep over many projects). 

It's made it easier for me to be responsive, because I can find a project and its related files and notes more quickly when a client calls, even if I'm in the middle of something else, and therefore don't have to keep so much paper around.

I've just recently started using Personal Brain 4.0 to plan websites -- in 3.0 it was fun, but not very useful, since the printable/sharable view was so restricted. I'm curious to see if clients "get" their websites when shown this way, vs. hierarchies and wireframes.  I suspect that half will, and half won't.

We used PersonalBrain to design the navigation system of the new Web site. I also use PersonalBrain to connect all my Web reference sites ie sites with good flash animations, colors etc. I also have Thought types for type of web site references like "good flash reference" or "nice forms".

The great thing about mapping out your site design in PersonalBrain is that you can change the connections and immediately see how this impacts the links...

You can also you the interface to track web advertising campaigns and web sites that point to your site...
I just recently started with PB (last month) I talked my client into using it for the creative process. We pass it around and add ideas for the campaign while one person acts as a "brain master" keeping it clean and easy to follow. I think its perfect for creative endevours involving several people.

Paradox, Humor, and Change
It would be cool to learn if anyone in the advertising business is using PB for idea brainstorming and how it has been structured to help that process.

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