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I can guess, Numbers Excel is either .xls or xlsx. But which one is which?
What is Keynote Powerpoint? Apple Keynote, Microsoft Powerpoint?

Can I make file types visible (filename extensions) or perhaps edit this list?

Best regards, Martin

TheBrain receives this information from your installed applications and what document types they read. You can certainly create a test document of each to see what the file extension is and what application it launches. 

I personally click on the Templates button and add to this list with my own templates.  By naming each of my templates with 'AAA' at the beginning, such as "AAA Systems Review.doc" and "AAA Product Demo.ppt" it puts all of my personal templates at the top of the list.

Thank you,
@mnolte ~

In addition, once your templates are created, you can (alternatively) store them in the adjacent "Templates" folder, if you'd like to keep them separate from the default "Create File" list.


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