I am suggesting adding a new feature; to be able to clone a Thought.


We can easily create Parent, Child, and Jump Thought from the Active Thought using the mouse on the Plex.  But, it is not easy to create a Thought on the same level from the Active Thought.


I suggest adding a "Gate" on the right side of every thought. Clicking and dragging on it would pop up a small window. On that small window, it would be a text field with the active Thought name that can be changes.

Below it would have checkboxes for the followings:

- Clone the content

- Clone the Parent links

- Clone the Child links

- Clone the Jump links

- Clone Type

- Clone the Tags


(Selections would be remembered.)


The user would set the new Thought name or would live the original name, could select what to clone (Parent Links, Child links, Jump links,.. ), and would press OK. A new Thought would be created.


This feature could be used for:

- Versioning: you want to create a new version of the Thought, and don't want to modify the original one. You make a clone of the original one in the same level, and you would modify the new one.


- Add similar Thoughts with the same type and in the same level: When adding similar (same type) Thoughts, for each Thought you also have to set the Type, Parent and Children, Tags, ... . That can be type consuming if you have lots of parents or children. This feature would make adding same type Thoughts faster.

Copy and paste worked. It copied the links as well.

I guess this can be used.

The cloning sounded good though, with those options.

Anyway, this remains just a suggestion for them.
I've just noticed that copy and paste a Thought, also copies the creation date. That is not good, because the intent is to create a new Thought.

With cloning the new Thought's creation date would be the cloned data.

So, I still think that cloning is a good idea, and would be good to have. Duplicating and copy paste won't work.


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