The main idea is simple : attach localization data to thoughts.
To organize thoughts (the way tags do it) but by localization, for example in a map ! you can organize your holidays pictures and retrieve all related thoughts by selecting a specific zone of the map. (kind of GPS coordinates tags')

We can imagine at new thought creation, you can select type, tag and localization,
We can imagine to search thoughts via localization (Country, City, Zipcode, ...),
We can imagine a new "location" canvas where main thoughts can be displayed by geography,
We can imagine to automatically locate new thought (optionaly) created on a ipad/iphone/smartphone which provides localization option,
We can imagine doing statistical reports by localization (i.e. "Well, it seems i'm more inspirated in London that in New York"),
We can imagine simply use a google map widget to develop all of that easily, quickly and powerfully,

... and i'm sure even more ! 

Remember, as is the time (and timeline is a highly-asked feature - #2 actually), the space is the other dimension widely used by man to locate. The geolocalization turns out to be the best materialization of this concept in my opinion.

- Brice.
French user - TheBrain 7 beta.



What an inspiring and orginal idea!




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Fabulous idea - voted for it on uservoice.


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