Some apps, like YouTube, don’t play nicely with Send to Brainbox but they do easily allow copying of a link. It would be nice to have the Brainbox on iOS have the ability to add the link stored in the clipboard. 

If you are familiar with Instapaper it detects such links automatically on load and prompts you to save them. 
If you use Shortcuts, you can use these two shortcuts I created.

1. This Shortcut gets the URL from the current screen and brings up a share sheet for URLs allowing you to add to the BrainBkx from apps you usually can't add to the BrainBox from: Add to BrainBox
2. This Shortcut gets the current clipboard then opens the share sheet with URL access which will allow you to share to the BrainBox: Add Clipboard to BrainBox
TheBrain 11 Alpha Channel
Windows 10 2004 Enterprise
Thanks Josh. They work great. 
Thanks Josh, Just what I was looking for.

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