The ability to add a thought to the calendar with a right click - this would allow for the use of thoughts as "tasks" or "action items".  Would make tool more powerful for project managers.

This would be a very nice functionality, would save some time.

TheBrain Slackware 14.2 KDE 4.10.3 Java 1.8 / (Windows 7)
Calendar could/should be one of the most important usability features (for the corporate world).

How about drag and dropping thoughts into the calendar.
How about drag and dropping events from calendar onto plex to create a thoughts.
How about integration with Outlook calendar and tasks (very important)
How about time of calendar entries, so you can set alarms.

Why not have the calendar as a plex, and the tasks in a second plex, contacts in a third plex.

Any thought can be linked to any or all of the plexes. Each of the plexes will be sorting thoughts or act as 'pegs' to hang thoughts on. This way thoughts will be thoughts, but sortable under different plaxes. Example: the thought "Dinner with friends" needs to be sorted under the date for the dinner, but also the dinner should sort under the contacts that will be attending, and create a contact group. There will also be tasks involved with this dinner, "Get suit dry cleaned", "Aquire booze", etc. These tasks needs completion dates in the calender, and they may be linked to other contacts such as "Dry Cleaner" or "Liquor Shop".

If relational links (e.g. arrows) with parameters (e.g. completion dates etc) can be presented in a structured way (time or logical oriented or both), e.g. Gantt chart (or similar), then PB will be a much better Project Management tool.

Any other thoughts? Please share them!

Regards, Axla

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