I'm using the latest version of The Brain with Mac OSX Lion (latest version).  I'm on a MacBook Air 13".  When I'm not in the office (with access to a much larger monitor), I often have windows open that cover up my Brain window.  Is there a way to add items to my Brain when the Brain window (and therefore the plex) are not visible.

For example, let's say I'm in Safari and see webpage I want to add to my Brain.  If even a small sliver of the plex is visible, I can drag the link from the address bar to that visible sliver.  But if there is no part of the plex visible, is there a way I can add that link to the Brain?  (Some apps -- like DevonThink Pro Office -- allow you to drag something to its icon in the Dock; there's also a slide-out feature that allows you to drag an item to a specified area on your screen, where a "shelf" slides out and lets you add things to your DevonThink database.)

Any suggestions?  I tried dragging to theBrain's icon in the Dock, but that didn't do anything.


Thanks for posting.  There is a feature built into Lion that will allow you to do this.  Simply drag the URL down to the dock and hover over TheBrain 7 icon.  After a second, the icon will flicker and TheBrain 7 will appear on your dashboard.  Move the URL over TheBrain 7 application window and when it becomes the active window, drop your URL.


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