(ADDED)I originally titled this thread "Workaround to add single Report Thought to Selection" but have now renamed it after learning the good news from Moe (See post #2).

I've reposted the bug part of this in the 5.5 beta section, but here it is again to show you what the problem is.

I want to add only CCC to Selection so I can link it to BBB (the active Thought), without displacing it from this position. Let's pretend there is no room left on the Pin Bar.

Ideally, I would simply Ctrl+Left-click it, but unfortunately this also makes it the active Thought. Maybe they overlooked this when they fixed the bug.

Let's try R-clicking it or Ctrl+R-clicking it. Nope. That opens the context menu but we can go no further. Thankfully it doesn't make CCC active as well, which was the original bug, now fixed. However, it highlights our strong need IMO to have an "Add to selection" option in the Thought context menu:

Here's the workaround:

1) R-click on the thought in Reports that you want to add to selection. (Note the next pic is the same as the previous one):

2) Left- or Right-click on the frame of the Reports pane to select it. CCC's border has changed from green to a white dotted line:

3) Finally, Ctrl+L-click CCC in Reports and it will be added to Selection without disturbing BBB!

As a bonus, the In Selection checkbox box bug doesn't apply here, so you can filter Advanced Search results by the contents of your Selection.

Of course another workaround is to R-click CCC, select Create Pin, then drag it off the Pin bar to link it to the active Thought in whatever position required. But this is a limited solution, since:
  • There may not be enough room left on the Pin bar;
  • You might want to add several Thoughts to selection in order to carry out a mass command.
  • You're going to have to Remove the Pin later anyway.
Hope this helps someone else.

PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17
Moe now tells me that all we need do to add a Thought in Reports to Selection is to Shift+Ctrl+Click it! I haven't seen this documented anywhere else.


I don't know about you other guys, but having this new feature will mean a big speed improvement for me in quickly linking Thoughts, since we can now add a single thought to Selection without having to activate it first. This also means we can now use Reports as a de facto Pin bar to display far more thoughts than the one in the Plex. Docked to the side of the Plex opposite Notes, it can stretch all the way down the Plex window but can be kept quite narrow (1-2 inches), or even auto-hidden till needed.

However,  (as usual) you still need one hand on the mouse all the time. It would be nice if PB had a keyboard command for Reports equivalent to F5 for Notes (how about Shift+F5?) which would move focus from Plex to Reports, and also nice if, after navigating down Reports using the cursor keys, one could press Ctrl+Shift+Enter at the selected Thought to add it to Selection, instead of grabbing the mouse again and doing Ctrl+Shift+Click. Also keyboard commands to Refresh Reports and select each of the Report filter modes. Then, jostber and I would both sing your praises loud and long.
PB on Windows XP, J-1.6.0_17

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