I just tried PersonalBrain 5, and it's really attractive and easy to use.

But there is a limit that is really irritating :
all links to files are ABSOLUTE and not RELATIVE

I found some threads on this forum about this problem, but they are quite old (on the 3.x or 4.x PersonalBrain versions).

Do you confirm that this feature doesn't exist on the PersonalBrain 5 ? And what about the 6 version ?

Except this, this is really a great program.

the same in PB6: absolute links
If the path should change, you can use File -> Utilities -> Replace Attachment Locations... 
Also, I use symbolic links on my NTFS file system (google mklink).
Thank you Glientsc for your answer.
I tried the first solution : it works great, but it's note really simple.
mklink seems to work only with Vista. This feature doesn't exist for Windows XP.

Except this (big) problem for me, this software works great.

Best Regards,
I'd like to Bump this.
From the previous descriptions:
() I didn't know about the replacement utility in thebrain.  That looks really powerful... and dangerous. 
() symbolic links are decent and I'm going to look at that as a workaround since I'm only on 2 different machines right now and they are both Windows 10

One thing as far as implementation that could be done with internal files is to make their paths relative to the specific brains installation location.  This is what I'm going to do using the symbolic link.

This feature would be really nice.
I'd love to say it doesn't sound that hard to implement, but then, doesn't everyone requesting a new feature say that? 🙂

DavidGretzschel pointed me in the direction of this feature request from this link.
Memory on Paper
Thanks for posting. I confirmed that relative paths to attached files is a documented feature request. I've added your vote to our internal documentation.


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