It appears when you add images to notes it automatically scales to the page width.

This is very valuable when the image is larger than the width of the page, especially when it will be on multiple platforms and the web.

However, if you add a small image, it scales the image up to fit the page width rather than keeping it at the same size. This makes small images look ugly and pixelated, and breaks note flow. 

It would be nice if images scaled down, but if they are smaller than the page width they are left at the original size.

This will make it a bit harder as far as placement (centering, left, or words flowing around the image) and I think for the 9.0 release centering is fine, but it would also be nice if we had control over where the images are placed in relation to the text and page.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

I love all the image control features we currently have in V8: enlarging small images, reducing large images, dropping images into tables, placing images side-by-side, etc.

If all the features from V8 could be replicated in V9 (with a stable display in the V9 web brain), I'd be a very happy camper!

Also, please see my older (but related) feature request for being able to share images socially.
Thank you both. This is a documented issue.  

The social sharing is new and I'll record this feature request.

Thank you,
Update - just read through the other post and it seems that we've previously documented that as well for future consideration.


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