Following up on earlier posts here and here that requested the ability to save selections, I'd like to expand upon the ideas there ( Adding the ability to save selections ) by suggesting stronger linkages between the current selection and what is displayed in the plex.

I got the idea thinking about this post. Here is hyphs key thought:
hyphz wrote:
It seems that the Plex view always shows all siblings based on all parents, which means if I have several different parents with different sibling relationships (ie, one for all in 2005, one for all on a particular topic no matter which year they were, one for all at a particular location no matter when they were or what they were about, etc.) then ALL the siblings for ALL the relationships are always displayed which dilutes the information they provide (ie, in that case I would see every presentation ever on the same topic PLUS every one ever given in the same year PLUS every one ever given at the same conference.. with no way of telling why each one is a sibling.. confusing!). That's why I was asking about filtering the Plex view or hiding siblings that are siblings via a particular parent, is there any way to do that?

PB already has the ability to move lists between reports, searches and selections (one-way at any rate). hyphz could get the functionality he is looking for if the selection box had the ability to control what was displayed in the plex. This would be accomplished if the selection box could be used to mass toggle the "+,-" tools on thoughts.
Hide/Show all selected thoughts.
Hide/Show all non-slected thoughts linked to selected thoughts. (This one needs more thought)

Combined with the ability to save and load selections, you'd suddenly have dynamic filtering of the plex. This would also move PB a long way toward saving/loading plex arrangements.
Be vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit.

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