I would find extremely useful to can keep just the Notes box windows opened aside like my browser windows.

So I activate Advanced tool layout and I detach the Notes box. But it minimize itself as soon as I minimize the main The Brain windows from which I detached it.

More: also if I arrange my browser window on the right side of my screen and the detached Notes Box on the left to see both (often I have a checklist on my Notes, that I have to follow doing things on the browser window) as soon as I click on the browser windows the detached Notes Box disappear.

Which is the usefulness of detaching it if you can not keeping it visible while working on other windows?


You might look at Thought > Open Notes Window (I've mapped it to ⌘+⇧+n in the keyboard accelerator preference pane). This will open the notes of the active thought, and keep those notes even when you change active thoughts. I've tested and it does keep the window open when you activate the browser, but when you switch to TheBrain it brings all the windows forward so you can't see the browser any more. I think this is a limitation due to it being Java. [frown]
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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