Advanced Search is great.  However, perhaps it does too much when not required.  I thought PB3's Find Thoughts capability hit the sweet spot.

More options.  Some are probably more of a report feature or from PB3.
  1. on specific fields, especially Thought names.
  2. by tags (include/exclude)
  3. by Thought types
  4. by linked by link type
  5. Notes only
  6. by URL domains
  7. Allow regular expression search.  Years asking for this. 
  8. Only labels
  9. via private or public
  10. attachment url or file
  11. modified date range
  12. created date range
  13. A query language, like XQuery or SPARQL, exposed via the API.

--- Josef

Yes, yes, yes! (see also this thread with the initial comments on "Really Advanced Search")

Absolutely! I am really looking forward to  find  the information I've once entered into my brain instead of only  searching  for it and loosing myself within long search engine-like result lists or not-meeting-the-point reports ...

Kind regards,

Boolean searching is available now using AND/OR/NOT, quotes, parenthesis and *...

The ability to search by specific fields (notes/label/tags/etcetera) is a pending feature request. Thanks for your input.

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