In several places in my Brain I use an alias (I'm running Mac OS X Lion) to point to another location in the Brain that contains the original document. Usually the alias is a thought on its own, but sometimes it is included in a thought with a large number of other documents. I do this in an effort to reduce the large number of duplicate thoughts in my Brain order to reduce its overall size.

This works fine in my Brain on my home iMac, but when I sync to WebBrain and then sync on my MacBook Pro, the aliases are broken. They no longer point to the original location (thought) in my Brain. Instead they show up as text files filled with garbage characters.

This happens for both Word and PDF files, and it doesn't seem to matter whether I leave the word alias that is automatically added to the end of the file name when the alias is created or if I delete that and leave the alias looking like a Word or PDF document.

Any suggestions on how to fix this behaviour would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Roger, 
Yes, when you have these files as shortcuts, the files themselves will not be synced to webbrain. To include your files in your sync, please save them as "internal" files. You can do this be either holding Command and then drag and drop your file (this will make a copy of it) To change your existing files to internal, go to the Thought tab in PersonalBrain and right click on file and select Move or Copy internal. Tracy
Tracy Barr
TheBrain Technologies
Hi Tracy,

Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure, though, that I made clear what my issue really is. I know that shortcuts (alias in Mac-speak) to external files are not included in a sync to WebBrain and that they need to be internal files to be included. In my case the files that the shortcuts point to are internal files. I'm trying to cut down on the size of my Brain by eliminating excessive duplicates, and I was hoping that internal shortcuts would be preserved.

Do you happen to know if symbolic links would be preserved? That might be another way to do what I want. Any other suggestions for ways to do this would also be helpful.


I would suggest using Thought URL's.  Click here to check out the tutorial on our website.


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