Hi, I have a MacBook Pro Dual Intel and use 10.5.2. I was using beta and just updated to last night.

When I dragged the application to my apps folder and it asked me to replace, I was nervous. As I opened the new updated program, my work was gone...everything but a blank slate.

I looked in my home folder and found a folder "Concert Bookings". It worries me because this was only one of many topics I created and why only this one? Furthermore, nothing in that folder opens within or without the Brain app.

The new version also created a folder called "Jim Brain". Sigh....nothing opens either.

Any ideas? Did I lose everything? Is it hiding somewhere? Thanks! Jim
Luckily, I backed everything up in my external HD. I copied the files to my MacBook and all is good.
Hi Jim,

I'm not sure what went wrong for you, but when you install a new version, obviously your data should remain intact. Dropping into the application folder only updates the software itself, not your data. Unless you changed the default path, your Brains are stored in your user folder in the "Brains" sub-folder.

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