I cannot sync from my home comp. When I try it displays the message "Invalid username or password. Please try again".

I am perfectly sure both the username and the password are valid (when I use this pair on the same machine's web browser it logs me in without any problem.)

What should I do to make thebrain on my home comp to be able to sync?

Oleg - 

Are you a WebBrain premium subscriber?  There are two accounts in our database under your name.  If you would like to send an email containing your registration info to, we would be happy to take a look at your account.


Thank you for prompt answer.

I am a premium subscriber and I created the second account when I purchased the subscription. Under the first account, which I used during trial period, the same error prevented me from syncing my home comp. So I decided to give it a try under commercial subscription terms and created new account.

Unfortunately, the error is still there.

Will write to support in the due course.


I just wanted to follow up with you and make sure your issue was resolved from Support.  If not, please feel free to contact me directly at either, attn: Matt or

Thank you,
James, Matt,

Thank you for the follow-up.

I have not resolved the issue and I think it is a java issue, not something peculiar to WebBrain, because I found out that another java application on my home comp demonstrates exactly the same behaviour: it says the password is wrong (while it is correct) and it refuses to provide cut-and-paste functionality.

That another java application is my bank account access application. It is written with the use of Swing library. It works perfect in the office and fails on my home comp.

I tried to re-install jre, but that has not helped.




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