Currently, when you open BrainBox, the BrainBox search box obscures the Plex search box. This makes it awkward and inefficient to add BrainBox items to the Plex:
  1. Click the BrainBox icon.
  2. From the list of BrainBox items, identify the one you want to add to the Plex. This is often difficult, since there's no preview for BrainBox items and items may have been saved with arbitrary file names.
  3. Now come the awkward part. Since the Plex search is obscured, you have to:
    1. Close BrainBox to reveal the Plex search
    2. Search the Plex to navigate to the target thought.
    3. Re-open BrainBox,
    4. Once again, find the item you want to add to the Plex.
    5. Add the item to the Plex.
I propose the following improvements:
  • Move the BrainBox UI down, so it opens below the header bar, not obscuring the Plex search box.
  • After selecting an item in BrainBox, the BrainBox UI would remain open, even while performing a Plex search or other Plex actions. It would only be closed when the user manually closes it, perhaps by clicking the BrainBox icon again, or by clicking a close button.
  • When selecting or hovering a BrainBox item, it would display a preview of that item. This would make it easier to identify and/or rename items saved with arbitrary file names.
  • Allow for renaming a BrainBox item directly, by clicking on it, rather than having to use the context menu.
The revised workflow would be:
  1. Click the BrainBox icon.
  2. Select the item you want to add to the Plex. Preview and rename, if necessary.
  3. Search the Plex for the target thought (BrainBox UI remains open).
  4. Add the item to the Plex.
Of course, if you already know which BrainBox item you want to add to the Plex, you could search the Plex first, then open BrainBox. The problem is, this defeats the purpose of BrainBox, which is to quickly save items to be added to the Plex later. If you have to remember all the items you've added to BrainBox, its utility is greatly diminished.

Additionally, it's confusing to have two different search boxes sharing the same location in the UI. Frequently, after opening BrainBox, I start typing in the BrainBox search box, thinking I'm searching the Plex and wasting even more time.

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