I have lots of tags that I use for tracking thoughts. The text tag is nice for searching but it takes up too much space and is difficult for me to monitor visually. I would like to be able to attach an icon (like the type icon) to the tag and have that displayed where the text tag resides now. This way I can have 4 or five different tags, but they would not be so difficult to track.

An example that I would like to use is to track task progress. I could have a red task flag for a tag indicating the task is critical or behind, a green task indicating the task is on track etc.

Tags could include arrows. dollar icons, stars, etc. They could still be associated with text so they are searchable, but icons are so much easier to recognize that text--and I can put more of them on a thought.


BTW, I searched for this but I could not find anything under icons and tags. So if this has been suggested before I apologize

webdings and wingdings are not correctly working in tags (see here).
This is a good idea.
Assigning icons to tags would be optional (like type icon).
What to display, the icon or the tag name could be configurable for each tag.


Somebody has put this suggestion here

You can vote for it. Maybe we can get TheBrain to give it some attention--this really isn't that difficult.

Today, I visited this forum so I found that it's very interested for me.. there are many topics available here so I like this so much.....
I hope that you will read care fully and tell me more benifits about this .........


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