After having used the brain for a few month i have found that PersonalBrain has become my organized desktop and everything outside the brain is very cluttered.

I wonder how other people use the brain: As an alternate desktop (for only personal documents etc.) or as a complete system with no regular files/directories outside the brain?

Personally, i like the idea of having everything inside the brain.. But on the other hand, i´m not really sure how easy it´s going to be moving all my old directories and files into the brain.
I´m considering the option of moving everything outside the brain into a file container (like WinRAR or TrueCrypt) and keep all the mess in one thought..
Might you consider that every time you need something from the hysterical mess you go find it and load it into the brain, after a few months, anything that you've not moved into the brain probably isn't going to be used anyway, so delete it -- and if that's to radical to deal with then just let it set out there until whenever.

Yes, I live in the context. Every time I find that I have to leave to something I try to figure out a way to move that operation inside the brain so I won't have to leave next time. It was actually easier than I expected, and what was even more surprising what how much to the older stuff I really never seemed to need access to.

+1 to crbnblu's suggestion.

That's how I've done it. On the windows machine I tend to put everything in PB since it's automatically backed up when I do a brainzip.
On my Mac I tend to link, because I use Leap and tagging for file searching and management in addition to PB. And I have other backup utilities running on it.

Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Good idea to just move in what you really need and get rid of the rest
I guess i just have to pay for the Pro version so i can attach directories.
I'm using it that way as much as I can, but there are limitations vis-a-vis Linux, which I use for my operating system.  Drag and drop doesn't work; color changes are awkward; sometimes things just disappear.  Last week, my calendar function just went away, and couldn't be found.  When I updated to the latest iteration, I got a calendar back, but my reminders were gone.

I think this program has tremendous potential for this use (ie handling all the desktop stuff), but it's not realized enough for me to commit all out.  Or even to buy the pro version.

Without full functionality, why pay for it?

If the price wasn´t so high i wouldn´t hesitate going Pro. The restriction that you can´t attach folders in Core seems like a device constructed to annoy the user.. You don´t really feel that you get something "extra" by paying for the Pro version.

Instead i would recommend a simpler and more logical pricing model with only two versions: one with file management capabilities (you can attach files AND folders) + extra features as calender etc. and a mindmap-only version without file management (like the current free version..).
I use my Personal Brain as an alternative desktop. I do a lot with my brain, but I just haven't ever made that leap of living purely in it.
I prefer leaving all the file management stuff to the OS, so I can keep the wanted logical positioning and shell operations according to my OS preferences.
For all people who would like to only import file 'information' into PB and use it as information manager rather than file manager (much beyond PB target, I think), it would be fine to have a file import capability, for all files which can be opened inside PB notes.
So I would leave all .doc, .txt, .rtf, .html, .xml...... files in their source folders, so that I can still edit them with other specific SW. After importing them into PB (one by one or by importing their parent folder), I would like to have their txt, rtf, or html content readable inside PB notes.
So I could organize physically files in the OS and logically in the PB, edit them with (or link them within) specific apps, quickly navigate them in the PB plex and read their related info in the notes panel.
This would mean an updating of file content in the notes panel, which could be executed at thought selection or by manual request (update button).
This would also leave the user the freedom to build up a network of files (for example a  portion of a web site) and to use PB as a browser, with the bonus that external items can be mixed and linked with internal PB thoughts.
All external file structure could be linked into PB with relative addresses, so that I could have a 'portable' brain file that, if relocated on other media together with external files, would still be capable of finding any information...

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