I'm experiencing an issue with links to books on Amazon.

On TheBrain desktop, I can add them, but they don't show any preview in the (enabled) built-in web browser. When opening the link in TheBrain, but choosing to open in an external browser, they open just fine. It is NOT an issue with the link itself.

In the browser (on a PC with Win 7 Pro and Chrome, latest version) when using the add URL function and saving the link, the link isn't saved at all. Strangely, this seems to be limited to Amazon links, but not links to other sites.
I can save the links as a Note, but that's not how it's supposed to be.

On Android, adding Amazon links via Brainbox is working fine.

Is anybody else experiencing this problem, and if so is there a fix?

System Info:
Surface Pro
Win 10 Pro, latest version, all updates
Workstation with Win 7 Pro (only via web browser)
Android 8.0
Some of what you describe - " ...[links] don't display any preview in the (enabled) built-in Web browser... " - may be attributable to inconsistencies/issues with the internal web browser, especially in the Web Client (online/mobile) view:  Various post here @ Search #1 = i-frames    and @ Search #2 - iframes .
COMPUTER.HLP, thanks for the links. The whole thing isn't a huge problem, more an annoyance. The workaround is to add the link to the Brainbox, then use my Android devices to add these links to their respective Thought. Or wait until you're back at the machine where TheBrain is installed, and do it then. It's just not an efficient way of working, and shouldn't be an issue with software where you pay $159.00/year.

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