Hello. I'm not sure if there is any use to write about these things, but I want to point out an old bug in TheBrain and make a suggestion.

I'm using OSX and I'm from Russia. Most of my email are in Russian. Unfortunately if I drag email from Mail to TheBrain, it can't read Russian email titles. Instead TheBrain makes it "Unknown title"

That's the original email title


And that's how TheBrain reads it


And a suggestion. TheBrain is a great tool in many ways, and I store a lot of information inside it. And I usually put some files, emails and text clippings in TheBrain and sort them out later, making neccesary connections and notes.

But, at least in OSX it is inconvinient to drag files and emails into TheBrain window. It would be much better just to drag them onto TheBrain dock icon and drop them. Now we have quick thoughts, so let them be just quick thoughts.

Some time ago I even wrote a little TheBrain helper doing exactly that.

It seats in the dock


Allowing me to drop any content right on its icon. Depending on the kind of content it is treated differently


You can do with the content you are dropping on the icon almost everything.


By the way, my helper reads Russian email titles correctly and I can't see why TheBrain can't do the same.

And one more thing :-) You've made types as tool panel. That's great. Why can't you add to that panes a tag like functionality? I mean it would be great to assign a thought type just clicking on the checkbox


All above is just my personal opinion. And I still really want to believe that someday TheBrain will become scriptable. Or at least there will be some kind of API, or something.

+ 10
Once we get mobile applications I really hope the next thing they work on is making getting information into TheBrain easier from other information sources. This for me is by far one of the biggest pain points, and an API would go a long way towards resolving it.

As a side note, your tool looks useful, a bit like Hazel for TheBrain. [smile]
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.
Agree with Zenrain's overview
I have always wanted an easier way to get things into TheBrain. Then I look at my Evernote library. It's so easy getting things into Evernote that I just toss everything into it without thought. It's that "without thought" bit that I'm struggling with. My Evernote library is a mess. If I could put everything into TheBrain just as easily, I'm afraid I'd end up in the same boat.

So what I'd like is less friction getting things into the Brain, but not *zero* friction. How's that for an impossible request? [smile]


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