I like the idea that I can read a embedded PDF on iPad or Android tab. However, I would love the idea that I can annotate and save back. I tried.... On iPad the file asks for a password.... (I tried my normal pw, did not work). On android, the downloaded file is write-protected....

Any ideas to make this work?


PS: pls make the brainbox button on Chrome remember my login.... This is so basic and easy, pls just do this....

Thanks for posting. The feature request for PDF annotation is well documented. I'll make sure it exists for iOS/Android apps as well. 

I have not heard of this issue happening for the BrainBox Chrome Extension.  There have been reports of this happening in Safari and the solution is:

The way that the BrainBox bookmarklet works is by getting data from the site you are currently looking at, so it needs to be able to track you across the sites you visit. You will need to turn off "Prevent cross-site tracking" in Safari's preferences.

-Safari > Preferences > Privacy
-Uncheck "Prevent cross-site tracking"

I'm not sure if Chrome has a similar option, but it may be worth looking into...

Thank you,

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