when I read theBrain new feature was an integrated browser, I thought "WTF?!". There are some many browsers out there, what's the point adding one more ?

after a few weeks using theBrain 10, I realised how comfortable it is to able to easily copy paste articles into the brain and keep a nice display. good to have them home, in case they get offline.

that's how I started highlighting important points on the copy in theBrain instead of using diigo

but now, I want more ! (of course ...)

because I miss the annotation functionality they have in diigo diigo demo.png 
so my suggestion is you add this annotation functionality to TheBrain browser

and / or you work with diigo people to make TheBrain browser compatible with their functionalities : highlight and annotation

Easter bunny, can you please, please do that for  me ??

diigo demo.png 
PB on Windows 7 and 10

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