I am a heavy voice dictation user (Dragon NaturallySpeaking) and, as I have reported earlier, there is a bit of incompatibility between Dragon NaturallySpeaking and PB4.  Besides the fact that it is almost impossible to dictate within PB4 -- hopefully something that will be fixed -- really annoying is the fact that while dictating in other Windows programs all of a sudden PB4 pops up stealing focus from the program I was dictating to.  This truncates my dictation.  Many times I have two kill PB4 just to get through some heavy dictation.

I really wish I could find a solution to this.  This never happened with PB3.  In fact, PB3 was very compatible with Dragon NaturallySpeaking in all respects -- dictating within the notes section, dictating a new thought, dictating within the search window.

customized Desktop PC (Haswell i7 4770 3.4 gHz with 32 GB RAM), Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, 256 GB SSD,  and a Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Windows 10, 512 GB SSD, 16 GB ram, i5
We have list on the list of things to investigate. I can't think why you would be having any problems... Because of the way windows itself is designed, PB can't get the keyboard focus in fact unless windows give it to PB when you click on it, alt-tab to it or hit the Alt+Shift+Z hotkey... Maybe it's the hotkey? Please try this in the float window mode, where the hotkey is disabled and let us know what happens.

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