I got errors when I reopened brain. the 10-12 hours work I have done since switching to 5.5 is gone/disappeared. I don't know if it is a 5.5 issue or something else. Anyone else have this issue?
Mark Michael Lewis | The Profitability Coach |
Hmm, I've been using 5.5 daily and haven't lost any data. But I'm also unable to enter any events (issue with time-format). Did you use events?
I haven't had any data loss either. 
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
I had significant data loss, which I've never recovered from, the last time we went through a "major release" upgrade.  That's why I've stayed away from this one. (The PB people finally did "recover" my brain, but much of the data, particularly web links  and notes, were never recovered.)

I've been very disappointed in the development of the product.  There have been way to many bug reports to call this a "beta" release.  "Alpha" maybe.

I also lost lots of data (urls in particular) when moving from 4.5 to 5.0 and was barely able to keep my brain alive.

My brain was not recovered [I got a few email replies but no information from the brain I sent to support] and I still have to connect to an older brain periodically to recover urls when I find a patch of lost ones.

Going from 4.5 to 5.0 I also discovered that brainzips are not pure copy and load operations; some data manipulation must be going on, as they failed to recover the lost urls.

Fortunately I had kept a disc file copy of my entire brain, and I regularly (once a month via a Windows Scheduled Task) shut down my main brain, run a file system copy of all files and then restart the brain.

I've had a couple of crashes in 5.5 but I haven't seen any url or other data loss yet.


Did you save a copy of the errors you mentioned or a log file by any chance?

Thank you,
I always backup ALL my brains before starting a new beta of personal brain. Between data changes and new features (and data characteristics), you just never know when you "can't go back". I also keep copies of the installers, so when I upgrade to a beta, I can then step back and reload, if I need to, so the only data at risk is the new thoughts and updated thoughts. If your data is that important to you, don't run the early betas. It is the later betas that are usually safe and reliable.

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