I have been working on developing a brain to use in my environmental consulting practice as a combination of database and presentation tool.  It is a real challenge to cover the needs of different audiences/clients, many of whom simply can't deal with the full complexity of a brain on the screen.  They're overwhelmed.   While the "Brain as Presentation" webinar is a start, it really only scratches the surface of the potential and the challenges.

I'd love to find other users doing something similar with the brain software, and exchange tips and tricks  Are any of you out there?

Totally agree on that. Thebrain should get a presentation layer that is better than MM and as you mentioned the potential is there.
Wouldn't a mixture of The Brain, MindManager, and Prezi be really cool as a presentation layer? I'd use it in teaching my college classes immediately. Currently, I use MindManager, with "preview" links to individual PPT slides, graphics, videos, flash interactions, and web links. The Brain would be far better at managing these links (related concepts and such).
-- Glen


If you want a more static feel to TheBrain when presenting I suggest using outline view in presentation mode (ctrl+shift+P). It provides a more "linear orientation" that sometimes works better for certain audiences. I also like to pin my top three ideas, so I stay focused and on message.


Remember you don't have to always click on a Thought to make a point. You can just hoover over the Thought with your curser.


When I present in TheBrain I have a Brain designed specifically for the presentation. Rarely would I show my own Brain which contains a deeper set of content that would be information overkill for most. Perhaps that's the direction you should go for your clients. Just copy a subset of your Thoughts and be more judicious with your connections for presentation purposes, then for your own operational/client management Brain link everything that works for you and have add it.   You really need to sculpt a view for two different purposes. You could do that in a single Brain but two Brains might be better.


For other tips on how to present with PersonalBrain you can check out


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