Any progress on releasing 9's API?

Jack Vining
Nothing to share at the moment.

While I'm a huge fan of TheBrain, I really dislike it's lack of transparency. Nothing to share? Not even a vague timeframe, like 2017 or 18? Why keep people in the dark? Nothing to share at the moment says it all.

I also struggle to understand why the API isn't a top priority. One of the main reasons Evernote is so much more popular is because they opened up the platform with their API. In 2012 there were 15,000 API developers, triple the amount of the year before. ( ) How many do you think there are now? That's tens of thousands of people expanding the possibilities of your software for free.

Everything seems to be so slow at TheBrain, while other apps update so much faster. Why does this happen? Is the management really conservative? Is the workflow poorly organized? Or is the work simply very hard? At times I am eternally grateful for the work done at TheBrain, but sometimes I feel the people at TheBrain are lazy, or incompetent, simply because I have no idea what is happening behind the scenes. Why not open up the process, at least a bit? Are you afraid ideas will be stolen? Then save the most important one's for yourself! But for the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, make more transparency part of the service for those who pay the extraordinarily high price for your service!

P.S. Love you all at TheBrain [wink]

Thanks for your feedback. We are very much interested in releasing an API but we will not be doing so prematurely. Presently we are focussed the completion of version 9 on 5 different platforms. Software development is notoriously difficult to predict. This is why most companies will not give dates for things until they are virtually complete. Invariably those that do give dates either deliver late or deliver buggy, low-quality products.

When version 9 is done, we have many more things planned, including an API. We're not going to announce when anything is coming until we are sure we can deliver it at that time.

As to transparency, I am the founder, CEO, and head of development and I am right here talking to you. You're not likely to find that from any other commercial software.

Finally, we are neither lazy nor incompetent. If we were, we could not have and could not have rebuilt and redesigned the entire product from ground up. For what it's worth, our engineering team have put in literally decades of development into version 9. It would have been a small fraction of the effort to have make incremental changes to version 8. We could have released multiple new versions based on the old codebase, but the end result would have been far inferior to the version 9 that we have created.
I appreciate your thoughtful response Harlan.
I will note that one of the things software-savvy people seem to find so unusual about TheBrain is the absence of an API.   I had one person comment recently "I'm amazed they can get away with that," and it obviously had a big effect on her perception of the software.  Which is unfortunate!  

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