I am  on the way to use PB as the main tool on my PC. Thus I integrate all of my ideas, files, folders etc in PB. But until now I am not so progressive as Spaceanexus and store all files in PB. As an conservative european, I use links.

There is an annoyance/issue with virtual thoughts. When I add a folder to a thought the icon of the thought is changed (see attachment 1). To avoid this, unfortunately I have to add the folder as a jump (see attachment 2).

Well,  establishing folders as jumps is in most cases not what I want to do. Usually I want to integrate the folder under the thought. But the icon (or as in my attachment: no icon) of the (parent) thought should stay as it is! The thought is my idea, project or something else with its own icon. This idea or project has its own icon and is supported by folders under the idea or project.

Please, could the appearance of a thought, which has a virtual thought as child be changed? The actual behavior is a real annoyance for me.

Thank you, Elmar.
Click image for larger version - Name: virtual1.jpg, Views: 59, Size: 7.47 KB Click image for larger version - Name: virtual2.jpg, Views: 58, Size: 8.02 KB
Hi Elmar,

There are several technical architecture reasons why the icon changes - basically, where you create a virtual thought, it is added as an attachment to the parent thought. I won't go into explaining why we chose to do this, but it offers many advantages.

Anyhow, I understand that the resulting icon behavior is unexpected and we are planning to address this in a future release.


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