This is version 1.04 of my AppleScript Address Book Add. There are two versions included in here.

AddressBook - This one is simple copy and paste in to the Notes field all the information from the Address Book. This is useful for when you have the address book link attached but are using this on a portable device, or have exported to a web brain, and still want to have all the information. The THOUGH must be Selected already in the Brain and also the record must be selected in address book. 

Address Book Plus - This is the same as above, accept it creates a new thought and renames it, and then attaches the LINK to the thought without the icon.

For both of these you have to select the address book entry in the address book to copy from. 

Note: For this to work you must have "Security and Privacy" / "Accessibility" set to allow "SystemUI Services". If the setting is not there please run the script the first time, and it will create it and tell you to go in and allow access. 

I wish I could create nice formatting by creating an HTML based record, but there is no easy way to go in to the Code View to do this. I might create a manual paste one that would mean it would put the information in the clipboard but let you manually paste it in. I wish there was a keystroke to do that or a menu item.  

Any comments would be appreciated, good or bad. 

Here are the two Files:
zip AddressBookPlus-TheBrain-1.04.zip     
zip AddressBookPlus-TheBrain-NewThought-1.04.zip     

Thanks a lot for sharing. I'll give these a try.

If I only had the ability to switch to HTML view without the use of a mouse button or from a menu item. I could make it look very impressive in the display. 

Until that is there all I  can do is paste text.

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