Well Even though AppleScript is not supported by TheBrain I managed to make an AppleScript to do some automation. 

This script an be activated by adding the script menu to your apple system, or by selecting it from the folder. Or by using one of the add-ins to automatically select the scripts, via command key.

At the bottom are some of the things that can be used!

--- About the Script ---

What is this script?

Well The Brain has an addition of the Address Book Entries in to the Brain but unfortunately I do not think it is done in the most convenient way. The process of search for the name, select the name, add, just takes way too long in my opinion. A lot of time I do not have the luxury of waiting a few minutes for the search to complete, and then go through all the E-Mails, thoughts, etc containing the name.

So I created this script ... How to use it?
  1. Create a thought in your brain, and call it anything (it is temporary, so I use one or two letters garbage)
  2. Open Address Book and select an entry.
  3. Activate the Script.

What does it do, well this one is not advanced:
  1. It just renames the name to the Name in the Address Book
  2. It creates a link to the ID of the address book thought in the attachments.

There is a more advanced script that does more.
Some Resource Links of how to do things on Apple Mac:

Also any input would be appreciate it, as I am looking for ways to extend this a lot further.
Version 1.02 of the Script.

Release Date: 12/30/2012

Changes of the script:
  • Added Comments in case you want to see how I do things.
  • Saved the Clipboard so that it is restored at the end of the script instead of me replacing it with the things that I use it for.

Note: Any comments would be appreciate it, if you have other ideas post it as well. Would love to see if I can do things more.

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