First of all I should say I really like TheBrain. It has plenty of amazing features.

But I feel that TheBrain lacks some functions, which makes it not as satisfactory as it may be. In fact, it seems to me that TheBrain has stagnated.

Not that there are no fresh and good ideas – look at

The problem is that there is no progress in development. I’ve paid for all TheBrain versions since 4.x, but I didn’t get anything new and really useful since 5.x.

Cloud integration is a great thing, really, but I use it primarily as a backup. Personally, I don’t need web-based TheBrain application. What I need is ability to work with TheBrain on any device and any OS.

It means TheBrain go native. It means there should be native Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android versions that could be synchronized via cloud. TheBrain should be scriptable and support third party plugins.

Java was a good choice some years ago, but it’s a hindrance now, especially after Oracle buying it.

That’s my opinion, I well may be wrong and I still like the software and thank Harlan and others for it J

I’ve made some scripts to improve TheBrain integration with OSX.

Here is one of them, for those who use OmniFocus.

TheBrain could be used as a GTD tool, but it lacks OSX integration and I personally find the way to manage tasks in TheBrain a little cumbersome. On the other hand, OmniFocus is a great tool for GTD and project management, but it lacks TheBrain’s ability to store information and make connections.

So I make a script which somewhat brings them together J

You can find a little screencast and links to download the script below.

Keep in mind that this particular script was never tested on any other machine except mine (MBP Retina) and was never intended for distribution, so if you decide to use it, you do it on your own risk etc.

TheBrain is not scriptable, so for the script to work you should enable access to assistive devices (System Preferences --> Universal Access).

Then go the “~/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniFocus” folder (if it doesn’t exist, create one) and place all the files there.

Open OmniFocus, click “Customize Toolbar…” and place “Script:Add to TheBrain” and “Script:Find in TheBrain” icons wherever you want.

You may need to run manually once to make your Mac GateKeeper to allow it (ctrl – LMB, Open).

download the script (the script is big because of icons... I'm not a designer and they may be ugly, but I prefer ugly icons than no icons )

I think I love you...
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
So the best question is how are you using this? With your scripts I can bring the OmniFocus content in to the Brain, are you then using the Brain as a GTD system, and OmniFocus (double the work???)

I just want to look at your thought process. What I have been doing is getting the appropriate documents and linking them (thought URL) over to OmniFocus (the other way around). I did not have time to create a script yet, although its pretty simple to do (just no time due to work). And attach that in to the comments fields of OmniFocus.

I have also been toying with putting the Brain on my own site (Export) so I can get to the data remotely. I have not found a way to integrate this portion of it yet... although looking in to it.
No, I'm not using TheBrain as GTD system. I found that inconvenient, its much simplier to do that in OmniFocus.

TheBrain is my reference system. All my documents and project descriptions are there.

The thought process, as you put it, looks like that:

  • I create a task in OmniFocus, on the go, and its first task "Open the project..."
  • I create a thought for a project in TheBrain linking it to the OF.
  • In TB I do all the work, collecting all the docs I need for the project there.
So all my documents are in TB and all the actions are in OF. For example, I have in OF action which was created from email "Services - workout a new strategy for... by...". And there is a lot of documents and references which I need to do the work. All of them are under "Services - workout a new strategy for..." thought.

When I review my tasks for today, all I need to get all the documents an info concerning the task in question is just click "Find in TheBrain" button.

The particular task will be done and mark complete in OF, but the thought will remain in its place in TB for future refs.

That is all. 

What I have been doing is getting the appropriate documents and linking them (thought URL) over to OmniFocus (the other way around).

You mean that you create a task in OF from the existing thought in TB, right? And you keep you docs in TB, but your tasks in OF?

If that is true, I do the same, but from the other end.

I have also been toying with putting the Brain on my own site (Export) so I can get to the data remotely.

Why? There is a WebBrain, why do you need this?
Why create my own site instead of the Brain site.

I use an Android phone and have been uploading it to the phone, since the URL structure is the same on export I can just automatically create a script to create two tags (one remote and one local (ex: http://localhost/blah). And attach it to the thought, since the ending is the same on both locations I just have to change the host in applescript (which is a simple replace). 

Just toying with the ideas on this.
Hi can you repost a link to the script?  I get a Dropbox link error when I try to download link included in early part of message thread.

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