Achieving Knowledge Driven IT and Support

The amount of information accumulated by IT managers and developers is both staggering and impressive. Aggregating all this information in a meaningful manner can make or break your project’s success.  

TheBrain’s associative interface lets you make connections and create a comprehensive knowledgebase where your ideas can flourish. You will be able to find the right document while seeing and understanding complex issues.

Topics covered include:

•  Aggregating and organizing technical resources
•  Creating a more meaningful context for product development
•  Visualizing IT network relationships and dependency maps
•  Creating a product support knowledgebase for improved customer  service
•  Connecting people, departments and projects
•  Visualizing troubleshooting steps and decision trees

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I missed it also, and would really like to see it. Is a recording of it available anywhere?
dys and vlad, Thanks for posting. Yes, we will be putting up the recording shortly. The guy in the pic is me j/k . Once it is up you will be able to find it on our recordings page

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