I need to archive a sitebrain site to a cd. However, when I attempt to view the files locally on my computer, the plex is empty. Once I upload it to my server, it works great.

Is there a way I could run a sitebrain locally and (more importantly) archive it to a cd?

Thanks in advance,

Hi rooze, welcome to the forum.

Are you exporting from PersonalBrain to a local path and opening it from there, or are you copying your SiteBrain from the server and opening it?

I've been able to open exported brains locally, prior to uploading. If you have downloaded the files from the server, you may have missed a folder, or some files, and that could be the issue. I've never tried opening a sitebrain after burning to a CD.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6
Thanks, zenrain, for the reply and for letting me know it worked locally for you. I tested it with another browser and that turned out to be the issue. Resolved!

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