I would like to revive some of my old brain files. I think they are V6 files. Do I need to reinstall and use the old version? Is there any way to migrate this old work to my V10 app?
Old brain zip files can be imported into V10. Are your old V6 files in a brain zip format?

I hasten to add, I've not done much at all with importing older brain files into V9 or V10, so I'm not familiar with the typical challenges or changes that might occur. Hopefully someone else here can share more about their own experience with older brain imports.
Please find below instructions how to import a PersonalBain 6 Brain file into TheBrain 9 or 10:

To import a Brain from any version before TheBrain 8:

Please download and install TheBrain 8 from http:// /products/thebrain/oldversions

-Open TheBrain 8
-File > Open Brain
-Choose the Brain to open
-Once it is loaded and running, close TheBrain 8

-Open TheBrain 9 or 10
-File > Import > Select File
-Navigate to your Brains
-Select the .brain file to import
-Let the Brain convert

TheBrain Technologies
Thank you Brigitte, this worked and I now have my files open in V10. Very pleased and very grateful.

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