I have a lot of PPTs I've delivered using TheBrain, which means that lots of individual "slides" (thoughts) are linked into a number of different presentations.  Which gets problematic because those thoughts then have so many parents and it's really hard to figure out what's going on.  

I'm trying to figure out how to "release" these thoughts back into the Brain, and have come up with three options:

1.  Select all of the thoughts in a PPT, and export to a Word outline.  If I never would have used the actual PPT again anyway, having an outline view of all the thoughts I used could be a perfectly adequate way to remember that PPT in the future. 

2.  Select all of the thoughts in a PPT, copy, and export into a different Brain maintained for this purpose.  I'd lose a lot of links but at least I'd have the basic PPT in with all of the attached graphics etc.  

3.  Select all of the thoughts in a PPT, copy and save them in the same Brain, and mark the copied thoughts as Private to hide them in Webbrain.  The problem is I've never been able to sort out how to copy 100 thoughts in a Brain, and create a duplicate tree of those thoughts in that Brain.  The thought copy function links all of the copied thoughts to the original thoughts and it's a mess (or at least it always has been for me). 

Anyone know if I'm just missing something with respect to #3 above, or have any other great ideas on how to "archive" a set of thoughts in a mega-Brain?


You could do option 1. and then "forget" the slide thoughts. This would give you a quick reference to your slides if needed, and basically remove your slide thoughts from your database. However, it has the advantage of if you ever need to revisit one in-depth, you can remember the thoughts and have immediate access to the slides and the original links.

If you decide to do the above, you might want to add additional notes to them (if you don't have them already) which notes which presentation  and anything else you might forget if you don't look at them again for a year (which couldn't be remembered by looking at the word document you created in step 1).

This is most likely the option I'd take, especially if the links contains contextual value that would be useful if you ever need to resurrect them.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119
Mark, the cleanest and simplest solution I've found for keeping track of a list of related thoughts I want to archive is simply to start with the parent thought (in your case one of the presentation parents) and then, within the note for that parent thought, I list each of the child thoughts by name (with or without their local URLs) in the order I want to preserve them, and then I simply delete all of the child links and "release" the child thoughts back into the brain.

The great benefit of using this strategy is that if you do take the time to copy in all the local child thought urls, it is a relatively simple task to restore all of the child links again if you want to recreate the presentation again at some point in the future.
mctrexler wrote:

The thought copy function links all of the copied thoughts to the original thoughts and it's a mess (or at least it always has been for me).

Thank you, Mark! This has been a horribly messy problem for me, as well!

Each time I try to copy one of the templates I've created in my megabrain (template = a standard set of thoughts I use for managing each of my client projects), I specifically set the copy function to ONLY copy child thoughts. However, I've found that an array of jump thought links are also copied in, and the links to the original parent thoughts create quite a jumble!

I'm not sure what the solution would be for this problem, but I'd love to see a temporary color change for all copied thoughts, or the addition of the word "copy" into each new thought name. This would make it infinitely simpler to sort out the copied thoughts from the originals.
Mark, I just now saw another post by zenrain where he was referring the benefits of using one-way links:

Would one-way links be a solution you could use to preserve all the connections to the various child thoughts, but only have them visible from each individual parent?

Later: On second thought, this probably would not work in your Climate Brain since the one-way links don't currently work in the webbrain. Sorry! :-(
Yes, simply creating a list and saving it internally or externally probably makes the most sense.  One way links would work in the desktop, but as you note not in Webbrain.  Making the parent thought Private would help, but not enough because even though the parent thought is private, all of it's child thoughts will show up in Webbrain as thought it weren't private, but not directly linked to it (which is visually very confusing). And making all of the thoughts private defeats the purpose. So there doesn't seem to be any way to do what I'm looking to do without in effect defeating the Brain by simply copying all the thoughts and pasting them somewhere, and then eliminating all the connections.    


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