I know this is an existing request and hopefully still planned for 9.x.

With the loss of the search being able to find the content of web pages, I'm feeling a definite hole here. While web indexing in version 8 had one gaping flaw (it indexed the code as well as the text resulting in some very strange and non-applicable matches) it still was useful and I miss it a lot in v9.

I believe the ability to archive web page content, hopefully with the option to apply a web parser (like Mercury or Instapaper) would fill this hole, and limit the indexing to relevant and specific items. Basically, if I choose to archive it, it's indexed, if I don't, it's not (I don't need to index amazon links or non-article content).

Currently I'm using DevonThink to create a .webarchive and then pull it into TheBrain, which works and currently available on iOS (which is huge for me), but takes extra work.
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

Thanks for the reminder of this feature request.  I'll make sure it's still in our list!


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