with the addition of the label and note editing/viewing feature and some major improvements in performance on IOS, I believe that the cloud services may finally be useful for me.

But I just want to make sure wether the cloud services for TB9 are secure and stable by now because I lost track of the development status – so I guess it is save for productive use?

My major concern, however, is if my Brains are really private (no possible way of accessing without logging in) or not. The "Brain access and sharing" settings have got me confused:
Bildschirmfoto 2018-08-23 um 11.50.31.png
In the old webbrain you had an "unlisted" setting that was kind of private, but still public access, but I guess that the new default is just "no public access at all", right? This may be obvious, but since I have sensitive data I must really be 100% sure.
Okay, so I think my second question answered itself while having a look inside the menu item "Brain access and sharing…" on TheBrain desktop. "This brain will be inaccessible except to authenticated users" now makes it crystal clear that no one can access it without permission.
Hi Peter,

The public access option in v9 is the same as unlisted was on v8. Anyone with the link to that Brain could view it. Your Brains are not indexed by search engines, and are not easily found. However, if you share the URL with someone, they could share that with anyone else to give access. This method is best for sharing a Brain with a large number of people such as a class of students, or for general public use.

Sharing privately, by adding a user's email address, will keep your Brains private and only users that you add could access your Brain. 

Thanks for the update, Sean.

Just wondering:
> Are there any plans to (eventually) allow browsers to index brains in TB9 or TB10 web client?
> Or will the brains we create remain obscurely hidden -- unless shared as described above?
If we re-enable a public listing of brains (or indexing by search engines) at some point in the future, it will be done on a pro-active only basis. Meaning that your brains will not be added to the listing unless you make a change to tell us you want them there.

As Sean said, the current public setting in V9 is equivalent to “unlisted” from V8. 

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