I'm still using (Windows) and notice that in Expanded View after collapsing and expanding the active thought I sometimes can't get its child thoughts to be arranged either by name or by type. Some other sort order seems to be used. I've tried going back to Outline or Normal view, rearranging (which works fine), then returning to Expanded view when arrangement returns to random.

This doesn't happen often but can be frustrating when it does. So far I haven't found a pattern but wonder if anyone else has reported this. Forum search turned up nothing so far. This has happened so often that it has to be a bug.

Yes, the same happens in Outline View after heavy usage of big "lists".
Thank you for pointing this out.  It took me a few times, but I see what you are refering to.  I'll report this to our engineers to see if it is something that can be addressed in a future build.

Thank you!
PB's default child sort order for expanded mode is by date created. I actually use this trait in my Web Comic brain. I collapse my "Current Place" thought using the minus in menu bar, let the auto-hide hide the window, then click on the auto-hide icon to bring the brain plex back in view. At that point, expanded mode will "refresh" the plex, and explode out all the connected thoughts to the current thought ("Current Place" in this example), and they pop out in DATE CREATED order. Doesn't matter what the sort by is set to, it is always date created. Been that way since we had expanded view (and is still that way in version at least).

If you want thoughts in expanded sorted a different fashion, you MUST swap view modes to standard. This will get you the sort order you want. Make the plex as big as needed to get all thoughts displayed, and then swap to expanded. When it settles down, the thoughts will be in its old sort order--- except where they got pulled around do to sharing connections to other displayed thoughts.

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