when you use the comma feature to carry the name of a parent to a child thought, the official thought starts with the parent.

When you sort by name, under the parent, this means that those thoughts which have a comma parent don't show up in the same name/order as the children without the parent.

see pic -
AaOld Team has MC, Teammates as a parent using the comma method, so it sorts as if its thought name is MC instead of AaOld
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Mark Michael Lewis | The Profitability Coach |
Mark, Thanks for posting. This is normal behavior because the sort is applied to the actual Thought name.

OK - it is not a "bug" from the developers standpoint.

From my standpoint, it is a royal pain in the ***.

I am forced to make a choice -
1) don't use the comman system - which I like and use all the time
2) don't sort by name and expect it to work.

My request is that the system recognize the comma, and sort by the data after the last comma for alphabetical sorting under a thought.

This seems obvious to me, but since it isn't obvious to Brain Development Team, I state it as clearly as I can.

Mark Michael Lewis | The Profitability Coach |
I think this has been the case since 4.x (maybe back further, I dunno).

What I've done is when I use contextual wording, if I want it to sort by name I add the comma at the end of the thought name when I create it.
For example, if the parent is "Home" I enter the following text to create three child thoughts:

1. Text,;2. Text,;3. Text,;

This creates:
1. Text, Home
2. Text, Home
3. Text, Home

It will retain the sort order since the parent is at the end, but still retain the contextual naming for searches etc.

It's not a resolution, but as a workaround it's worked well for me.
Windows 7
OSX 10.6.3
Java SE 6

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