When creating a larger number of thoughts of the same type and/or with the same tags (say Person, Articles, Books, Organizations, etc.) it would be nice to have the option to preset the default type and/or tag, so they get assigned automatically.
Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.
For "assigning" group of multiple parents repeatedly:
(Should work also for tags, types)

In case, when Selection is not occupied (often too big restriction):
I include all parents to be assigned together into "Selection".
Then for each activated or created thought I just press
keyboard shortcut which I have assigned to the command
"Link Selection as Parents of Active thought",
normally available after Right-click in Selection panel.

In case, I want to assign some parents to each thought in Selection:
Activate parent (tag, type)
Press keyboard shortcut which I have assigned to the command
"Link Selection as Children of Active thought",
normally available after Right-click in Selection panel.
For fast "assignment" of one of few parents (tags, types):
Initially I wasted time by manual linking and then created following request:
After another few months and hours wasted by manual labor I lost patience and I created workaround with AutoHotkey.
Pressing selected shortcut links corresponding pin as parent of active thought.
For this, I am using F1 ... F12 keys, optionaly with Shift or other modifiers.
How it works:
Initially, position of pin is set by hovering over its (child) gate and then pressing corresponding shortcut with added modifier (e.g. Ctrl+Shift+F9)
Pressing shortcut triggers ahk script which simulates mouse clicks and movements:
1. memorize current cursor position
2. detect presence of selection by detecting color of background in bottom lest corner
3. calculate correction for coordinates of pins depending on presence of selection
4. move cursor precisely to child gate of pin corresponding to pressed shortcut
5. Press left button and drag to bottom left corner of plex where active thought is duplicated in list of recent thoughts.
6. release left button
7. move cursor back to initial position
Process takes fraction of second for each parent assigned.
When I continue holding shift for half second after releasing F... key, then other parents are unlinked during procedure.
Splitter between plex and notes has to be kept in the same position. (Script could be enhanced to eliminate this restriction)
Font size in plex has to be kept constant to keep pins in constant position.
Positions of pins have to be set again when pins are reordered, added, removed or when other restrictions are violated.
Implementing such shortcuts + other as mentioned in my request, would much more user friendly.

I also have shortcuts to browse Selection up and down, I can activate selected thoughts one by one and then link different pins to each one quickly by above mentioned procedure.

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