Beta 7 winxp;

When assigning direction to a link-type, the button toggles only between = and >, which is child to parent (not the best default!).

I'm also not clear on the function of the one-way checkbox.


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The one-way checkbox is so you can only see the thought that is linked when the active thought is the one the arrow on the link is pointing away from.
The link is only visible on the active thought the arrow points towards (or should be, there may be issues with the behavior) when the way you navigate to the thought goes through the thought where the link is visible.

macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

Thank you for posting.  There should be link direction options for =, < and >.  Did you create a scenario where only = and > were available?

Zen is correct, the one-way thoughts can be hidden.  For example, if I was on a Thought called Purdue University, I would want to see links to all my friends that went to Purdue.  However, if I was on a Thought called Lisa Canton (who went to Purdue) I wouldn't necessarily need to see Purdue as a parent Thought.  I would set this link up as one-way.

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mcaton wrote:
Thank you for posting.  There should be link direction options for =, < and >.  ??
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Look here what Harlan Wrote

Harlan wrote:

TheBrain does not know which direction the link is supposed to point. The direction that appears is based on which way the link was drawn when it was first created. So in some cases you drew from author to book and in other cases you did not. Once you apply the link type, you will have to set the direction as appropriate.

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