I have been using TheBrain Pro version 8 and recently upgraded to Pro 10.

I want to link a folder to a thought, as I could with Pro 8. So that I can go to the folder which is related to the thought.
Unfortunately, this option has disappeared. Is this intentional or a bug ?

Please help because this was a useful option. When managing information, a folder is just the same as a webpage url.
You still link a folder to a Thought in version 10.

Navigate to the folder on your computer and then drag the folder to TheBrain while holding down the Alt key in Windows or Ctrl in macOS. 
(Also, if you specify "Link to dropped files" in "Options/Preferences/Behavior/On drag and drop of files", you can create a link simply by dragging.)

You can drag the folder directly to a Thought (to create an "attachment" of that Thought) or you can drag it to the Plex to create a Child of the active Thought..

You can also do the following steps:
  1. Copy the folder path (in Windows, you can access the full path in File Explorer by clicking on the Address bar)
  2. In TheBrain, go to "Add Attachment" in one of three ways:
    1. Right-click a Thought, or
    2. Click on a Thought to open Properties and then click the three-line icon (the notorious hamburger button), or
    3. Click the "+" sign in the Attachments area 
  3. Click "Enter URL" to open an entry box and type "file://"
  4. Paste the folder path

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