Just now discovered the attachment hamburger menu in the public web client has disappeared.

Has this feature been permanently removed? Or will it be restored at some point in the future?

The reason I ask is that for quite a while now other users and I have been hoping an option to open attached links in a new tab would be added to this hamburger menu, since it already available when logged in**. Having this option (to open attached links in a new tab) is extremely important when attached links do not display properly in the embedded browser -- and it would be a helpful viewing alternative when they do.

In addition, it would also be helpful to provide a short-link sharing option for attachments, and I thought this hamburger menu would be the logical place to put this share feature.

Will be looking forward to an update from TB Team on:
> the status of the public attachment tab hamburger menu
> the feasibility of adding the following options to the public web client attachment tabs:
-- Open in a new tab
-- Short-link sharing

- - - - - - - -

** After logging in, I just now discovered the "open in a new tab" option is not currently working in Chrome.
I agree that the 'hamburger menu' is needed in the Web client public view for all attachments and web links - especially for when embedded web links cannot open in the internal browser - content delivery fails with no user option to reach it.
Also, a short-link sharing option which opens a specific Thought attachment is a great, advantageous idea too for focused content delivery.
May we please hear about this from TB team?

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