The file preview doesn't work well for most attachments (Word docs, Excel docs). It opens in a box by itself, not in the typical notes area, and it often covers other parts of the window that would allow me to navigate to other thoughts or attachments. It would be great if it always opened in the notes area like the webpages now open.

Also, I store a lot of file attachments in a thought. The current interface is a bit hard to use as I can't get a good feel for when files were modified etc. I suggest adding a "tab" next to where it shows the "Notes" tab and have that show a full list of files with dates. This would be something like the Windows Explorer "details" listing. Then, I can view the full filenames, dates, and possibly change the sorting option just like in Windows Explorer.


Thank you for posting.  Would it be possible for you to include a screenshot of what you are seeing form some of your file attachment previews?

Also, each file attachment should have a small "i" icon on it's tab.  You can click here for information about the file.

Thank you,
Thanks for the pointer to the 'i', this will be helpful if there's not a full listing.

Below is a picture of the preview of a Word doc. Sometimes it is in this placement, sometimes it shows up on the far right of the screen.

@vmilhoan Another option:
In Preferences on the UI tab make sure Show details when selecting attachments to open is selected.

Now, if there are multiple attachments on a thought, clicking the Thought icon with the numbers to open the attachment will include the Creation / Modified information on the list of files.

Bug (I think this has already been noted): Tested macOS Sierra  
Currently the Creation date in the Attachment Information drop-down is showing the same date as the modified date, even if they are different (and Get Info shows they are different).
macOS 10.14.6
TheBrain 11.0.119

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