I'm not sure if I understand the logic behind the switch between 'Attachments as List' and 'Attachments as Tabs'.  Not long ago, the list used be displayed at the left side of the attchment area. Now we do have a separate panel for the list (alas without the 'Notes' itself). Switching between the two modes shows/hides this panel.
When I click on an item in the list, the item is shown as tab (ok???). When I the click on the 'Notes' tab left to item, the item remains there as a tab. So I have both the attments as a list and the attachments as a list at the same time.
(See the attached video.)
To me, this looks rather messy.
Reinhard, TB, WIN 10

Quality is the result of attention paid to details.
Couldn't agree with you more, Rengel.

I think the strange behavior makes a little more sense when the embedded browser is turned on and used with attached links since the switch away from the notes allows you to view the page associated with the attached URL. However, for all other purposes, the behavior illustrated in your video strikes me as more than a little bit fiddly.

In addition, apart from the use the of the embedded browser, I've never understood the benefit of the tab view since (1) the names of the attachments on the tabs are so severely truncated, (2) access to the notes is completely lost if you want to make any edits to attachments in the tab view and (3) there are multiple problems with the tab view in the web client, not the least of which is that large collections of attachments cannot all be displayed with the notes in the default position (beside the plex).

Perhaps the tab view is helpful on the desktop if you want to partially hide your attachments and have a larger view of the notes? However, for shared brains in the TB10 web client, it is unfortunate the tabbed attachments are so hidden and hard to access compared to the readily visible and easily accessible attachments in the TB8 web brain.

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